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Reputation Marketing

Use your company's online reviews to increase visibility, build up brand equity,
and help generate advocacy all while building your online reputation.

The reputation of a company on the internet is primarily determined by the experiences of its customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that customers feel satisfied when interacting with your business. According to recent surveys, the majority of American consumers trust online reviews almost as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. This demonstrates the significance of a company’s reputation in relation to its marketing efforts. A well-designed website and effective advertising strategies can be ineffective if the company has a poor reputation due to negative customer experiences as reflected in online reviews.

Reputation management focuses on increasing a business’s online presence and directing traffic to its website by improving its reputation in search engines. It achieves this by promoting positive discussion and influencing key figures. The goal of online reputation management can be to either amplify positive content associated with the brand and its keywords or to suppress negative content that appears in search results for the brand or its keywords, or both.

We provide various service options for small businesses to maintain their online reputation. Our packages enable companies to transform their reputation into a marketing benefit to expand their business.

Service Reputation Advantage

This is a tailored version of the NearbyNow reputation marketing service, which is well-suited for businesses that operate in a specific local area. Being a certified provider for this service, we can assist you in improving your online reputation and enhance the visibility of your business on search engines.

How it Works

We integrate the NearbyNow code onto your website, along with separate landing pages for each city where your business operates. When your field technicians complete a task at a customer location, they use the software to check-in. This check-in will be displayed as a marker on a Google map, embedded on the corresponding city landing page. The marker will also include a description optimized for keywords, entered by the field technician. This feature acts as an effective tool for our clients to rapidly achieve high rankings for targeted search phrases.

Once the job is finished, the field technician sends a request for review to the customer. When the customer submits a review, another marker will be added to the Google map, further reinforcing the company’s local presence in that particular area. Additionally, customers have the option to leave reviews on other platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, or other online review websites.